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Making White Lightnin’

Making White Lightnin’

in 1956 Johnny Bush and Mickey Gilley got together in “Studio A” at SugarHill Recording Studios in Houston. They recorded a few tunes together and sent them out into the world in hopes of scoring a top 40 hit. At that time, radio DJ and recording artist, J.P. Richardson, aka The Big Bopper was a regular at the studio.

58 years later Johnny and Mickey have lived a lifetime in the music industry and enjoyed successful careers. A few weeks ago the two reunited in Studio A and recorded The Big Bopper’s “White Lightnin'” with some of the top session players in the Lone Star State.

Promoting Houston, its attractions and its history are a big part of what we do at Zenfilm. We thought it important to document this moment of SugarHill history.

The video has been picked up by the major country music networks and Vevo. We hope you enjoy it.

Children’s Museum Houston Stands Out

Children’s Museum Houston Stands Out

Summer time is finally here! School is out, the ice cream trucks are making their neighborhood patrols, and parents everywhere are trying to figure out how to keep the little ones occupied and engaged throughout their newfound stretch of abundant free time. We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the Children’s Museum Houston is ready and waiting with open arms.

Work has just wrapped up on a brand new look for Children’s Museum Houston’s summer promotions, and we’re all a little giddy at the outcome. It’s a pretty special occasion for us; you’ll be seeing the very first appearance of motion graphics rendered in our newly installed editing suite. Gravity and particle manipulation has never been so sweet! There’s a myriad of motion tracking elements going on, frame-by-frame pieced together by our resident visual magician W. Ross wells. He lets on that it’s pretty tough work, but step in to the new digs while he’s building a comet and charting its course through the halls of  Kidtropolis, USA and you’d swear you were watching a little boy excitedly tinker with his new chemistry set.

This was a wonderfully collaborative effort. Not only was the crew spot on, it features some of the littlest, hardest working actors in the city. Top that off with music written, produced and performed by  Dan Workman of SugarHill Recording Studios, and you’ve got a fine piece that’s every bit as much of Houston is it is for Houston. We’re beaming like a parent at an elementary school graduation.

We’d like to know what you think! If it’s any indication, Only in Houston has given it front-page approval . . . . thanks, guys! Head over We’ll keep it coming, as long as we still have such amazing people to work with!

Keep your eyes peeled for Children’s Museum Houston’s spot running now, and the bountiful deals they’re offering to make your summer visit as affordable as it is engaging, stimulating, and just plane fun!

Head on over to and watch the video here!

Parents, this summer save $2 when you skip the line and buy online! Visit them at and save today!

Live From SugarHill Studios Episode 29

Live From SugarHill Studios Episode 29

LFSH episode 29 with musical guests Space City Gamelan and audience of one Ben Tecumseh DeSoto is now live for free download and viewing on your device of choice. Just choose from the links below.

Vimeo   Subscribe to me on YouTube  Live from SugarHill Recording Studios