Who We Are

Zenfilm is a central US-based motion picture production and post company. The company owned by the producer/director team of Rebecca C. Wells and W. Ross Wells. Zenfilm is both a Latino-owned and woman-owned business.The tao of Zen is compelling and artistic work resulting from a highly collaborative creative workflow that leverages the best and latest technology.. Zenfilm is comprised of a talented team of filmmakers and post production professionals. The company has received dozens of awards including Emmys, Addys, and numerous film festival recognitions for their innovative work since opening their doors in 2005. Ad agencies, record labels, corporate clients and municipalities have come to rely on Zen for beautiful and effective broadcast, web-based visual media and branded entertainment content. Zen also develops deployment strategies utilizing social media for clients. The tao of Zen is compelling work resulting from a highly collaborative creative workflow. On the post side, Zen features editing suites running Nuke, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve and driven by 2D and 3D artists well-versed in all manners of visual wizardry. Zenfilm world headquarters is located in a converted victorian paint factory in historic downtown Houston.

What We Provide

Complete turn-key film and video production services. Seasoned, experienced producers and directors with a proven record of creative success in national and regional broadcast advertising, business media, music videos and social media. Zenfilm maintains comprehensive production insurance to ensure access to restricted locations, ensure production safety and and protect the integrity of our clients data.

Award-winning artists, cutting edge technology and a 6K 444 production pipeline. Three suites running Avid Media Composer DNxIO, Pro Tools, Maya 3D, DaVinci Resolve color grading, all that Adobe stuff and more. State of the art EVO storage systems allow our clients to work with our artists in realtime on footage as large and deep as 6k Red Raw, Arri Raw and other formats. Reference grade broadcast monitors in our suites not only let you and our artists see every pixel but give you a great deal of control over the final look and feel of your production. Zenfilm has it covered from creative editorial to finishing and broadcast mastering.

We work closely with advertising agencies, companies and record labels to translate their messages and concepts into compelling motion pictures. Zenfilm is a highly collaborative and innovative conceptual incubator. We also have lots of experience deploying video and film in a variety of environments. Whether you are placing your message on television, cinema screens, YouTube or on the side of the NASDAQ building in Times Square, we’ve done it, we know how to make it happen.

 Zenfilm features the latest in in in digital cinema camera technology.  We configure and rent camera systems featuring the Red Weapon 6k/8k, Canon Camera Systems and accessories. 

All footage and programs created at Zen are securely and redundantly archived. Zenfilm carries comprehensive production insurance to protect you, your production, your data and your intellectual property. We carry comprehensive liability and workman’s comp coverage as well. When you work with Zenfilm, you are adding an asset to the team, not a liability.


Read what our clients have to say about us.

“So, what makes me qualified to recommend the creative team at Zenfilm? The answer to that question is easy… I have been a satisfied client for nearly 15 years! Over that period of time, I have called on Ross and Rebecca to help me produce promotional spots and campaigns to build and differentiate the KHOU 11 brand. We have worked together on everything from music videos with Grammy Award winning artists Lyle Lovett and Yolanda Adams to spoken word poetry spots. I value the innovative thinking and the creative solutions that they bring to the table from the concept stage all the way to the post-production phase. Zenfilm consistently delivers an end product that meets and, the majority of the time, exceeds my expectations. Ross and Rebecca are brilliant creatives who aren’t just interested in producing pretty spots. They want to be your partner in helping you achieve your overall marketing goals. Zenfilm is all that and a bag of chips!”

Dale Lockett, KHOU 11 Houston

“ZenFilm is literally an extension of our marketing department. We have been partners in every production to date, and we look forward to continuing our partnership!”

Holly Clapham-Rosenow, Houston First Corporation

Ross is a creative genius in every sense of the word. His work is some of the finest in this market or any other.  Look closely at the detail, the acting and the styling. Now consider that he is working within the limitations of very tight budgets. The Zenfilm team is great to work with. You will not be disappointed that you gave them your project.”

Felix Rhymes, Rhymes and Co.

I have worked with Zenfilm on multiple projects & they are extremely professional & creative. Plus, their use of online networking/marketing their final product is remarkable. People end up seeing their videos all over the world. Hire Zenfilm, you won’t regret it. They are awesome!”

Amber Roussel, AH-HA Creative

We originally had the opportunity to work with Zenfilm during the spots they shot with SugarHill for the MyHouston campaign. It was and has been a continual “lovefest” since our first meeting. As a production team, the Zenfilm crew has the vision you envisioned way before you even thought about it. Their films shot in HD are superior quality, but the caliber of talented people who work at Zen is by far the best possible asset a company could have. If you could equivocate a company’s success based on the good karma its staff produces, then Zen would be at the Top of the Fortune 500! Ross, Rebecca, and the rest of the crew are divine spirits behind the lens!”

Gina R. Miller, Culture Pilot