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Greenpoint Pictures Finds Zen

Greenpoint Pictures Finds Zen

Left to right: Alex Levin, Rebecca Wells, W. Ross Wells, Tori Vallas-Cullen, Logan Roos, Willi Patton.

Congratulations to our client Greenpoint Pictures on the successful completion of their marathon (48 hour turnaround) Coca-Cola Commercial for the NCAA Final Four. Production took place during pre-game concerts on Saturday, post on Sunday and the spot aired Monday in the final game of the Final Four on CBS. Zenfilm provided production offices and post-production facilities for the Greenpoint team led by Producer Tori Vallas-Cullen and Director Logan Roos. Logan Roos, Alex Levin and Willi Patton rapidly reviewed and cut down 8 hours of footage from three Alexa cameras in our suites using an Adobe Premiere Pro workflow. Zenfilm’s W. Ross Wells colored the spot in our DaVinci Resolve suite. Super special thanks to our sister company SugarHill Studios for late night uplink support during the prolonged Comcast internet outage that befell us Sunday night.

Boe Creative NAHB Award

Boe Creative client Mischer Development has been listed among the nation’s best by the National Association of Home Builders.

Mischer has received a Silver Award in The Nationals 2014 presented by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for their new television commercial series for Cypress Creek Lakes. The commercials were created by Boe Creative Services and Zenfilm. In addition to the commercials, we also created a full length marketing video for Cypress Creek Lakes, which is available on the Mischer You Tube channel.

Silver Award winners advance to the NAHB’s Gold Awards competition, with winners announced during the annual International Builders’ Show set for Feb. 4, 2014, in Las Vegas.

“We used actual residents in the production,” according to Mischer Vice President Randy Corson. “We wanted to give people a feeling for what it’s really like to live in the community and illustrate the real value that exists in a well-developed neighborhood like Cypress Creek Lakes,” he added.

Children’s Museum Houston Stands Out

Children’s Museum Houston Stands Out

Summer time is finally here! School is out, the ice cream trucks are making their neighborhood patrols, and parents everywhere are trying to figure out how to keep the little ones occupied and engaged throughout their newfound stretch of abundant free time. We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the Children’s Museum Houston is ready and waiting with open arms.

Work has just wrapped up on a brand new look for Children’s Museum Houston’s summer promotions, and we’re all a little giddy at the outcome. It’s a pretty special occasion for us; you’ll be seeing the very first appearance of motion graphics rendered in our newly installed editing suite. Gravity and particle manipulation has never been so sweet! There’s a myriad of motion tracking elements going on, frame-by-frame pieced together by our resident visual magician W. Ross wells. He lets on that it’s pretty tough work, but step in to the new digs while he’s building a comet and charting its course through the halls of  Kidtropolis, USA and you’d swear you were watching a little boy excitedly tinker with his new chemistry set.

This was a wonderfully collaborative effort. Not only was the crew spot on, it features some of the littlest, hardest working actors in the city. Top that off with music written, produced and performed by  Dan Workman of SugarHill Recording Studios, and you’ve got a fine piece that’s every bit as much of Houston is it is for Houston. We’re beaming like a parent at an elementary school graduation.

We’d like to know what you think! If it’s any indication, Only in Houston has given it front-page approval . . . . thanks, guys! Head over We’ll keep it coming, as long as we still have such amazing people to work with!

Keep your eyes peeled for Children’s Museum Houston’s spot running now, and the bountiful deals they’re offering to make your summer visit as affordable as it is engaging, stimulating, and just plane fun!

Head on over to and watch the video here!

Parents, this summer save $2 when you skip the line and buy online! Visit them at and save today!

Houston’s Voice: The Art Guys

Michael Galbreath and Jack Massing have been artistic partners since graduating from The University of Houston over 25 years ago.Their first work, “The Art Guys Agree On Painting” is where Mike & Jack dipped their hands in paint, shook hands and agreed to become “The Art Guys”.

The New York Times have described them as “a cross between Dada, David Letterman, John Cage and The Smother Brothers.” CBS News Sunday Morning called them, “A mad swirl!” Sure, their art may seem a little wacky, but beneath its surface absurdities (Carrot Wheel, Huh?, Two Grown Men Can’t Pull It Apart, Clown Noses and Suitcases Blinking Lights), their public art, sculpture, video, music, performance pieces, drawings and installations are brought to life after much contemplation and planning. Yes, there is a method behind their madness.

The Art Guys could be celebrities in New York, but as Mike points out, “I’m in Houston because I love asphalt.”

(watch the video and share your thoughts here)

Houston Gets Its Own Internet Channel

The Houston Chronicle was on hand to mark the occasion yesterday as Mayor Annise Parker, along with T. Ray Purser, VP Government and Public Relations of Comcast Houston Region, and W. Ross Wells, Founder and Creative Director  Zenfilm, unveiled the nations first seemingly public access web channel.

“Never before has there been a resource like this,” said W. Ross Wells, creative director of Zenfilm, a downtown motion picture production company that has contributed videos to the site. “Houston’s Voice provides content contributed by Houstonians for Houstonians.”

(get the full story here)

Stay tuned for more of our entries in the inaugural series of Houston’s Voice.