Breakfast of Champions

Yeah . . . these ladies could pretty much eat you for breakfast.

Need more proof? The Champion Sisters are performing live and in-person and releasing a new album this Friday evening at Cypress Saloon, located at 12710 Telge Rd. Even more proof? The lucky onlookers will be the first to witness their action packed new music video, License to Love (filmed by none other than Zenfilm).

Ross is especially proud of this one . . . it’s the first music video to take advantage of some of our new graphic suite’s range of applications. Check out some of the sequences built into our 1970’s spy thriller motif; I’d tell you what you could expect to see . . .but then . . . I’d have to kill you.

Let’s avoid the nastiness, shall we? Just show up to Cypress Saloon on Friday September 21st, at 12710 Telge Rd, Cypress, TX 77429. Of course you could always just call  (281) 373-1588 or visit their website for more information.

Look for the Champion Sisters new album Unfit to be Tied, as well as their video for the first single License to Love coming soon on Friday!