Live From SugarHill Studios Episode 31: Leatherbag

Live From SugarHill Studios: Episode 31 is live and posted for you to watch or download from iTunes.

Leatherbag is the musical guest and Tim deSilva of Culture Pilot is the Audience of One. The half hour show features a set by the band and an in-depth interview with hosts Gina Miller and record producer Dan Workman.

Tim deSilva is a graphic designer and partner of Culture Pilot.With his partners Tim, Kara, and Grace, Culture Pilot are the driving force behind a number of community events including an interactive Houston at SXSW event and TEDxHouston.

Leatherbag is an American power trio from Austin, Texas. After relocating to Austin from Houston in 2005, Leatherbag was formed by songwriter/guitarist, Randy Reynolds. In the time between the recording of Yellow Television (2011) and its release, Leatherbag pared down from a quartet to a trio. The band’s new and final form finds Drew Emmons wired on bass and Danny Blanchard wild behind the drums. The band has performed at the Austin City Limits Music Festival and at the SXSW Music Conference

Leatherbag is a book reference. In addition to their LP release, they have released a seven song EP Patience and are currently working on a new album, Ditto Time to be released later this year.