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Sugar Hill

Live from Sugar Hill! Ready for our 38th episode with Khruangbin? The dynamic band made up of Laura Lee, D.J. and Mark Speer performed in Studio A at SugarHill on November 18th.

Check out Khruangbin’s instagram and the shots from the shoot!

Urban Cowboys

Urban Cowboys

Country music legends Mickey Gilley and Johnny Bush last recorded at Houston’s SugarHill Studios 58 years ago. When they reunited in SugarHill’s historic “Studio A”  to cut some new duets, they were joined by some of H-Town’s most prominent musicians;. Kenny Cordray on guitar, Anthony Sapp on bass, Brian Thomas on pedal steel,  Tyson Sheth on drums and the beautiful and talented Champion Sisters on background vocals. The sessions were produced and recorded by SugarHill’s chief engineer Andy Bradley who celebrating his 30th year at the studio. History in the making. Even KHOU’s Great Day Houston came by to film the event for later broadcast.
Zenfilm’s Brittany Holland was in Avid 1 today putting together the music video for “White Lightning” which will be released along with the single next month. Hold on to your hats.
Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

Yeah . . . these ladies could pretty much eat you for breakfast.

Need more proof? The Champion Sisters are performing live and in-person and releasing a new album this Friday evening at Cypress Saloon, located at 12710 Telge Rd. Even more proof? The lucky onlookers will be the first to witness their action packed new music video, License to Love (filmed by none other than Zenfilm).

Ross is especially proud of this one . . . it’s the first music video to take advantage of some of our new graphic suite’s range of applications. Check out some of the sequences built into our 1970’s spy thriller motif; I’d tell you what you could expect to see . . .but then . . . I’d have to kill you.

Let’s avoid the nastiness, shall we? Just show up to Cypress Saloon on Friday September 21st, at 12710 Telge Rd, Cypress, TX 77429. Of course you could always just call  (281) 373-1588 or visit their website for more information.

Look for the Champion Sisters new album Unfit to be Tied, as well as their video for the first single License to Love coming soon on Friday!

Lynch Mob Takes a Slow Drag

Lynch Mob Takes a Slow Drag

I love when things just come together.

Just less than two months ago, your fine friends at Zenfilm played host to metal guitar royalty as George Lynch and company made the trip down south to Houston. It’s not very often we find ourselves in the presence of such a long standing guitar slinging pedigree, and the experience did not disappoint.

First the gang was loaded in for a rousing round of Live From SugarHill Studios. The episode has not yet graced the internets, though it is in queue and on the way. It was a rarity, the normally raucous metal-loving rockers choosing to strip down as far as possible and do an intimate acoustic set. It was a side not often seen, and we’ll be sharing with the masses as soon as possible.

A different kind of magic began to sprout as the gang moved on to shoot the video for ‘Slow Drag,’ the first single form their new EP titled Sound Mountain Sessions (available on iTunes). The set we had chosen perfectly mirrored the aesthetic that would later adorn the cover of the EP; crumbling cement, burnt ruins of former fortifications, rubble lining the walls . . . . perfect. One of the more delightful surprises of the day came from the selection of vintage amps that made a guest appearance. We were able to get the boys rocking live on set with the help of a vintage Magnatone shipped in from Dallas, and a vintage Ampeg on loan from the gang at SugarHill Studios. Some of the best moments were in between shots, when the attention of the idle musicians would drift, and the waiting crew would be treated to an impromptu jam that would bounce maniacally between the stone walls of the vacant compound. The unwavering skill of a group of men that have been in the game for decades can be awe inspiring. Truly a humbling experience.

They were troopers . . . . it takes resolve to stick it out through Houston’s heat and humidity for any amount of time when you’re not used to it. Lynch Mob handled it like the pros they are. Gallons of sweat and several cup-fulls of gasoline later, and the video for Slow Drag was born. That’s that it’s reached full maturity, Rat Pak Records has released it for all of metal fandom to see. And see they have. . . just under a week since posting, the video had garnered nearly 25,000 views on the official YouTube page. Slow drag, indeed.

Check Lynch Mob’s new EP out now on Rat Pak Records, if you know what’s good for you.

Live From SugarHill Studios Episode 31: Leatherbag

Live From SugarHill Studios Episode 31: Leatherbag

Live From SugarHill Studios: Episode 31 is live and posted for you to watch or download from iTunes.

Leatherbag is the musical guest and Tim deSilva of Culture Pilot is the Audience of One. The half hour show features a set by the band and an in-depth interview with hosts Gina Miller and record producer Dan Workman.

Tim deSilva is a graphic designer and partner of Culture Pilot.With his partners Tim, Kara, and Grace, Culture Pilot are the driving force behind a number of community events including an interactive Houston at SXSW event and TEDxHouston.

Leatherbag is an American power trio from Austin, Texas. After relocating to Austin from Houston in 2005, Leatherbag was formed by songwriter/guitarist, Randy Reynolds. In the time between the recording of Yellow Television (2011) and its release, Leatherbag pared down from a quartet to a trio. The band’s new and final form finds Drew Emmons wired on bass and Danny Blanchard wild behind the drums. The band has performed at the Austin City Limits Music Festival and at the SXSW Music Conference

Leatherbag is a book reference. In addition to their LP release, they have released a seven song EP Patience and are currently working on a new album, Ditto Time to be released later this year.

Leah White is Only In Houston, For Now

Leah White is Only In Houston, For Now

Only in Houston once again sends a nod our way, and the our new video for Leah White and The Magic Mirrors can be found proudly displayed on their front page! Thanks a ton to their wonderful staff for making us feel like a real member of Houston’s cultural landscape.

Only in Houston is a non-profit entity with more than 800 members who work in advertising, marketing, public relations, graphic design, production, and other areas of the creative communications industry.

Check out their About Us page for a little more info on how they’re helping support the creative community in our fair city.
And Check out Leah White’s new video for Live Oak Trees while you’re at it!